Come back in time to Brooklyn, when life was simple. When you could take the trolley to Ebbets Field and watch the Brooklyn Dodgers play an exciting game of baseball. Or take the Brighton Line down to the Steeplechase in Coney Island. Or see your old school such as Midwood, Erasmus Hall or Madison High School. Or go for an old fashioned ice cream soda at the corner candy store or at Garfield's Cafeteria or at Junior's for the best cheesecake in the world. Perhaps you want to see the old Brooklyn Bridge or the newer Verazzano-Narrows Bridge. Or maybe you want to see Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Perhaps you want to catch a concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music or at the Paramount Theater or a movie at the Sanders or Albermarle Theaters. Or maybe you want to go shopping in the old A & S on Fulton Street. These books are loaded with lots of great photographs, maps and illustrations ranging in time from the 1870s to the 1970s. They'll bring back wonderful memories.

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