Guided Tours


One-hour easy walk over the historic Brooklyn Bridge with great views of the city from 119 feet above the East River with views of...

* Statue of Liberty

* Ellis Island Imigration Museum

* Site of First Jewish Settlement in New Amsterdam in 1654

* Lower East Side

* "Twisted" Skyscraper Designed by Jewish Architect, Frank Gehry

* Governor's Island and its Jewish Connection

* Pioneering Settlement of Jewish Brooklyn

Cost: Adults $20/person.  Group Rate $400 (20 or more)

Meeting Location: Marriott Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

             333 Adams Street (opposite Supreme Court Building)

Nearest Subway: Borough Hall on #4 or #5 lines


Leisurely one hour walking tour of the Jewish High Line Linear Park includes....

* Jewish connection to the High Line

* New Whitney Museum of American Art

* Meat Packing Neighborhood

* Site where the Titanic was supposed to have docked in 1912

* History of the Elevated New York Central Railroad

* The Manhattan Eruv

* Chelsea Market

* Architectural gem designed by Jewish architect, Frank Gehry

Cost: Adults $20/person (minimun group of 10)

Two-hour walking tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Lower East Side Tourbook". It includes stops at...

* Old Jewish Daily Forward Building

* Seward Park’s "Chazir Mark"

* Museum on Eldridge Street

* Shteeble Row

* Jewish Mural at the former Bialystoker Home for the Aged

* Last boys’ yeshiva in the neighborhood

* Greek Synagogue on Broome Street

* Historic Orchard Street and, of course

* The Pickle Guys with its outdoor oak pickle barrels.

Cost: Individuals: $20/person (minimum 10 people).

Group Rate: $400 per busload.

This two-hour walking tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Guide to Jewish New York City." It includes stops at...

* Jewish Plymouth Rock

* Fraunces Tavern

* Archaeological Dig

* Site of North America’s First Synagogue

* Federal Hall - where George Washington was sworn in as President of the United States

* New York Stock Exchange

* Bowling Green

* Ground Zero Memorial

* Castle Clinton National Monument

* Emma Lazarus’ Historic Plaque

* Jerusalem Grove

* The Museum of Jewish Heritage

Note: This tour does not include entrance fee to Museum of Jewish Heritage nor the new 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Cost $20/person (minimum 10 people) 

Group Rate: $400 per group

Enjoy a 90-minute guided tour of the Jewish sites in and around New York harbor. Some of the sites on this cruise include

* Statue of Liberty

* Ellis Island

* Site where R.M.S. Titanic was supposed to have docked upon her maiden voyage from England in 1912

* Harbor defences on Governors Island and Battery Park (Castle Williams and Castle Clinton)

*  Brooklyn Bridge

*  Lower East Side

* Site of the new branch of the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology on Roosevelt Island.

Tour Guide fee: $500 plus boat charter.

Group reservations are required.

This three-hour guided tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Ellis Island Guide with Lower Manhattan." It includes...

* Ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty

* Tour on Ellis Island with its Museum of Immigration

* Wall of Honor, with over 400,000 names  

* Fort Gibson  

* The Great Hall with its magnificent Guastavino tiles

Cost: Individuals: $20/person (minimum 10 people).

Group Rate: $400 per busload. Does not include ferry tickets.

Two-hour walking tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book,"Guide to Jewish New York City." Tour includes...

* Satmar  & Vishnitz Hassidim  

* The unfinished 6,000-seat Satmar synagogue  

* Grand mansions of the present and former Satmar Rebbes

* High Victorian Gothic Jewish temple built in 1876

* Hundreds of Succahs (only during the Succoth season)

Cost $20/person (minimum 10 people).

Group Rate: $400 per busload.

Bus tour based on Oscar Israelowitz's book "Synagogues of New York City." It includes visits to three or four of the following...

* Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue

* Temple Emanu-El

* Central Synagogue

* Greek Synagogue on Broome Street

* Museum at Eldridge Street

* Bialystoker Synagogue

* Civic Center Synagogue  

Note: Some congregations allow visits only on Sundays while others only allow visits on weekdays.  

Cost: $400 per busload (Some congregations require donations) Fee does not include charter bus. Tour for groups only .

Two-hour walking tour based on Oscar Israelowitz lecture program, "The Wandering Jews of New York City." It includes stops at...

* Grant's Tomb and its "Jewish" connection

* The former Towers Nursing Home

* Old Fire Tower in Mt. Morris Park

* Million dollar brownstones built in the late 19th century

* Site of "Suicide Curve" on the old Ninth Avenue El

* Former Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation

* Former Temple Israel of Harlem

* Former Congregation Ansche Chesed

* Former Shaare Zedek of Harlem

* Homes of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt and Gertrude Berg

Cost: Individuals: $20/person (minimum 10 people). Group Rate: $400 per busload.


Four-hour bus tour of the Grand Concourse, The Bronx's Champs-Elysées of New York City. When poor people in the Lower East Side had dreams of moving "up in the world," they hoped to move to the Grand Concourse. There were elegant Art Deco apartment buildings with doormen, wide boulevards and great parks nearby. Tour includes stops at...

* Former Plaza Concourse Hotel

* The Bronx Museum of Art (site of Young Israel of the Concourse)

* Lorelei Fountain

* Exclusive Art Deco Apartment Houses

* Former Temple Adath Israel (Richard Tucker, cantor)

* Loew's Paradise Theatre

* Edgar Allen Poe House, built in 1812

* Old Croton Aqueduct  

The tour ends in the contemporary Jewish neighborhood of Riverdale. We will explore Fieldston, an exclusive historic district with 257 luxury one-family homes with a suburban feel, see SAR, a unique yeshiva built on a steep hill on the site of the Toscanini estate. Cost: $400 per busload.

Four-hour bus tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Jewish New Jersey in Vintage Photographs." The tour includes...

* Liberty State Park - Liberation Monument.   

* Old New Jersey Railroad Terminal

* Downtown Newark and a fully guided tour of the world-class New Jersey Performing Arts Center

* Former flagship store of Bambergers

* Prince Street, site of New Jersey oldest synagogue building

* Newark's last synagogue and Jewish Museum

* High Street Historic District

* Former YMHA of Newark

* Former Home of Philip Roth

* Former Temple B'nai Abraham, a unique elliptical temple

Cost: $400 per busload (plus $3/person for the NJ Performing Arts Center tour) and donation in the Jewish Museum of New Jersey. 

This exciting two-hour tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Subways of New York City in Vintage Photographs." It is also based on the photographic exhibit which Oscar Israelowitz served as guest curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1973, "Watch the Closing Doors-Mosaics of the New York City Subways." Members of the tour travel to select subway stations in Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and explore the glorious original terra-cotta and mosaic artwork still found in todays subway stations. We will also see the first subway station built in 1904 under City Hall with its glorious Guastavino arched ceilings and chandeliers. Cost $20/person (minimum 10 people). Fee does not include entrance to subway.

A delightful four-hour bus tour based on Oscar Israelowitz's lecture program and book, "Welcome Back to the Catskills." The tour includes...

* Ellenville Synagogue  

* Delaware and Hudson Canal Museum

* Oldest street in the United States

* Huguenot House in New Paltz, oldest street in America

Cost: $400/group Note: This tour is only given in the summer. Fee does not include charter bus nor extrance fees to the D & H Canal Museum, the Huguenot House.

Six-hour bus tour through southern New Jersey includes stop at...

* Jersey Homesteads (today's Roosevelt)

* Site of Ben Shahn's mural

* Experimental Bauhaus-style architecture

* Alliance Jewish cemetery

* Brotmanville and Norma

* Museum of Woodbine Heritage  
Cost: $400 per busload.

This delightful 8-hour bus tour  This tour is based on Oscar Israelowitz's book, "Jewish Heritage Trail of Philadelphia." It includes stops at...

* First Sephardic congregation in the city, Mikveh Israel (1740)

* Oldest Ashkenazic congregation in the country, Rodeph Sholom

* National Museum of American Jewish History

* Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

* Old Jewish Cemetery

* Entebbe Memorial  

* Frank Lloyd Wright’s glorious synagogue in Elkins Park

Cost: $500 per busload. Fee does not include charter bus, hotels, meals, museum entrance, or donations at local synagogues. Tour may be extended to a two-day trip. The tour-guide fee is then $1,000.